Phone Therapy

Much of Jungian psychotherapy is about listening: to the psyche, the heart, and the body. When we find ourselves stuck or suffering--in our relationships, our work, our creative or spiritual lives--the wisdom of the psyche can surprise us with another point of view, a fresh perspective and renewed energy. Unfortunately not everyone can attain easy access to this important work. As a result, Barbara Platek offers telephone session to those unable to meet in person. Much like face-to-face therapy, these sessions can provide support, insight, and direction on either an ongoing or short-term basis. As with in-person therapy, telephone work is a collaborative process. Together we listen deeply to feelings, dreams, life patterns, and relationships to sense opportunities for growth, healing, and self-actualization.


For those seeking a Jungian perspective on clinical work, Barbara Platek offers supervision on either an in-person or telephone basis. The use of dreams, transference issues, and archetypal interpretation provides an alternative lens through which to view the therapeutic process. Jungian supervision holds the view expressed by C. G. Jung that "hidden in our problems is a still undeveloped personality, a precious fragment of the psyche." Together we hold the work with care and respect as we seek a deeper understanding of the dynamics unfolding in the therapeutic dyad. Because it focuses on the whole relationship--both client and therapist--Jungian supervision also provides practitioners with an opportunity for support and self-care as we listen together to emerging themes, patterns, and feelings.

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