Jungian Psychotherapy

Carl Jung once said that we all walk in shoes too small. Too often we limit ourselves, our talents, and our passions to better fit our sense of how we “should be” in this world. Walking in shoes too small can create a sense of disconnect with ourselves and our lives. As the poet Mary Oliver put it: “When it’s over…I don’t want to end up simply having visited this world.”

Jungian psychotherapy offers a safe, supportive environment to explore the ways in which you can live a fuller, more authentic life—one in which your whole self can shine through. Some of the issues that might bring you to this process include issues with relationships and /or self-esteem, depression, anxiety, eating disorders, career and life direction issues, creativity and spiritual impulses. Because Jungian psychotherapy views the therapeutic relationship as a partnership, we work together to best understand and treat symptoms which may be causing distress as well as patterns and attitudes that may be limiting your sense of self. We also pay close attention to new directions, including forgotten dreams and talents, which can enrich your experience of being alive. During the course of our work, we might use dreamwork, deep listening, and creative expression as ways to support your own inherent impulses toward wholeness and greater fulfillment in your own life.

If you travel far enough,
one day you will recognize yourself
coming down the road to meet you.
And you will say

--Marion Woodman

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