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For thousands of years, individuals have explored their dreams as a means toward greater self-awareness and understanding. Each night the dreaming mind sends us clues-inklings about our own unique nature and the ways in which we might live a fuller, richer life. Like the famed mythological thread, dreams can help lead us back to center, provide a deeper sense of who we truly are, and reveal what matters most.

Ariadne's Thread offers the opportunity to do dream work in the Jungian tradition. For those not wanting to be in a formal therapy setting at this time, already in therapy with another clinician, interested in working with their dreams as a path toward insight and intuition, or working with other people's dreams, Ariadne's Thread provides a warm, supportive environment in which to explore the deeper layers of the psyche. Together we attempt to hear the dreaming mind as it seeks to lead us toward greater alignment with ourselves.

Barbara Platek has listened to dreams for more than seventeen years. A graduate of Pacifica Graduate Institute, she has completed four years of analytic training with the Ontario Association of Jungian Analysts. She has trained or worked with Robert Bosnak, Stephen Aizenstat, Marion Woodman, Sylvia Brinton Perera, Maxson McDowell, Michael Comforti, among others. Her writing on dreams and dreaming have appeared in a number of publications including Psychological Perspectives, Spring Journal, and The Sun Magazine.

Dream work sessions can be scheduled either in person or by telephone. Standard hourly rates apply.

In each of us there is another whom we do not know. (S)he speaks to us in dreams and tells us how differently (s)he sees us from the way we see ourselves. When, therefore, we find ourselves in a difficult situation to which there is no solution, (s)he can sometimes kindle a light that radically alters our attitude, the very attitude that led us into the difficult situation.
-- C. G. Jung

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